Like any type of animal, horses are also available in many breeds. Everyone wants to have the perfect breed and have the most beautiful stallion. But we must not forget that the most beautiful horse does not necessarily depend on the breed, it depends on how we take care of the animal. In general, its shape, its characters and its performance depend on it. In our website, we are talking about the breeds of horses but also all the elements that are necessary to make these animals more beautiful and more interesting.

Horse breeds

The horse breeds are influenced by natural selection and selective breeding so, all over the planet, we can distinguish several species of horses divided into various breeds. In general, there are three main types of horses: those that are intended to be mounted called "saddle horse", those that are used for animal traction or "draft horse" and ponies. These gather all horses that have sizes less than 1.48 meters high. The simplest definition of "race" is the entire viable population of native animals of the same parentage, which can be distinguished by similar physical traits and abilities. If you wanted to know more about these breeds and have details, you can go to our category: horse breed.

Horse accessories

As already mentioned, we also have a dedicated category for accessories that are used for horses. In general, they are the same for all breeds. You can find all the lists of essential accessories for horses in this section. You can also find information about the use and function of each accessory. If you did not know yet how and why to use them, you will have answers in our site.

In short, the goal of our platform is to give you all the necessary information about the horses (their origin, the way in which they must be maintained, the equipment they must have, etc.).