By becoming the owner of a horse, you have realized that the adaptation of the saddles to the back of the horse is a capital step not to neglect. Because of this, you do not know what type of saddle to choose and still you hesitate between the idea of ​​buying a new one and the idea of ​​buying a new one.

Why buy a used saddle?

You are certainly wondering what you have to gain by buying a used saddle. First of all, used saddles are less expensive than new ones. You can get a used saddle at 500 euros against 700 euros for a new one. This will save you money. Occasion saddles have also been adapted to the human form, because before you, there had already been a horseman who had used the latter on a horse. In other words, you no longer need to adapt to your morphology whereas if you buy a new one, you will still have to tame it with your body. Occasion saddles are also safer because they have already been tested several times by other horsemen. As a result, you will have no fear, because it will certainly not crack after a few uses. They are easier to maintain, you just have to spend a sponge soaked in glycerine soap after each use to keep the leather of the saddle in good condition. Unlike new saddles that need to be maintained, they can be used immediately.

Where to get used saddles?

Many people opt for occasional saddles. To date, many service providers have suggested that it be in physical stores or online. Nevertheless, most opt ​​for the second option. However, his choice remains a point not to be neglected, because a bad choice could lead you and your horse to dangerous risks. When buying, think of trying several models of several brands to find one that will meet your expectations and needs.